Hotel Maistrali is located in Galissas, the most popular tourist resort of Syros and is literally close to everything. You can visit the main Galissas beach which is long, with shallow-waters, and lined with tamarisk trees and has been awarded with the blue-flag by the EU.




There is also the quiet, small beach of Armeos in Agia Pakou bay, popular with nudists. Area landmarks are the hill and church of Agia Pakou, the large cave of Agios Stefanos with the water springs as well as the catholic church of The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

Galissas also contains taverns with traditional Greek dishes and local wine specialties, cafes, bars, various shops such as mini markets and souvenir shops that are a few steps away from the hotel.




By staying in Maistrali Hotel you get to meet Mr. Vamvakaris proprietor of the hotel and a fine woodcraftsman. He is the nephew of the late Markos Vamvakaris, “patriarch of rebetiko” and famous singer of “Frangosyriani”, a classic song of the “Rembetika” genre that includes a poignant reference to Galissas, Syros.

The staff of Hotel Maistrali are always available to advise you on where and what to see, therefore helping you find an undiscovered Syros which remains unknown to mass tourism.




Meet the capital of Cyclades with the particular cultural wealth and beautiful natural surroundings. Admire the neoclassical buildings, the impressive temples, the theater Apollon (also known as La Piccola Scala). Visit the City Hall, Chiller’s creation, which is the most majestic building on the island and is one of the biggest city halls in Greece. The Cultural Center, the 1st High School where El . Venizelos studied and the unique Industrial Museum of Hermoupolis, a Museum about industry, shipping and the city.




Walk the narrow streets of Ano Syros , the birthplace of Markos Vamvakaris, where countless stairs will lead you to Saint George, a three-aisled basilica, at the top of the hill of Ano Syros built in 1650. Visit the beautiful medieval town taverns and enjoy the wonderful view of the sea . When the sun sets, Syros is transformed into a seductress. The bars and nightclubs are open and ready το welcome you with the finest drinks of your choice.